Alfa Romeo 4C Garners International Attention

The Alfa Romeo 4C garnered international attention in Germany and France, winning two more major automobile awards. Awarded the “Most Beautiful Car of the Year 2013” at the 29th International Automobile Festival (IAF) in France, the 4C collected 41 percent of all votes cast. It overpowered the BMW Series 4, Mercedes CLA and the Mazda 3, the other finalists in the category.  At Auto Motor und Sport “Best Cars 2014,” the Alfa Romeo 4C mastered the “Importers” sports car category. The Alfa Romeo MiTo and Giulietta models won awards in their categories, as well.

Alfa Romeo Head of Design Marco Tencone, Head of External Design Alessandro Maccolini, Fiat France CEO Maurizio Zuares, and Alfa Romeo Director in France Sébastien Perrais were among the dignitaries participating in the International Festival.  The International began in 1986 in Chamonix, France and has grown annually since then. The “Most Beautiful Car of the Year” category was decided by over 100,000 online voters across 50 nations.

Alfa Romeo’s 4C has received many other awards and citations, heralding its impending release to the public market. The editors of UK magazine FHM awarded the Alfa 4C “Car of the Year 2013,” Automobile Magazine in France gave it “Coup de Cœur 2013,” and readers of the German magazine Auto Zeitung awarded it the “Auto Trophy 2013” prize. The IAF prize category brings Alfa Romeo a poster campaign worth €100,000. One of the online voters will win a €30,000 car. The 4C fought for the title against seven other vehicles with maximum list prices of €55,000, or $74,000 US. Each represented a different manufacturer.

The IAF annually recognizes automotive design creativity, and it represents a key event on the global automobile circuit.  The Alfa 164 won the first “Most Beautiful Car of the Year” contest in 1988. Alfa Romeo also won the category in 2005 with the Alfa Brera and in 2008 with the Alfa MiTo model. In the Auto Motor und Sport competition in Germany, the Alfa Romeo 4C bested 28 other far more expensive vehicles for the “Best Car 2014-Importers” title.